APB World Tour wants to hold an event at Surf Lakes

The Association of Professional Bodyboarders (APB) is studying the possibility of running an APB World Tour event at Surf Lakes, in Yeppoon, Queensland.

Alex León, CEO of APB, visited and surfed the newly-debuted wave pool, and saw great potential for a professional bodyboarding contest.

Surf Lakes features five different peaks. "The Wedge" is one of them. It's a hollow wave designed specifically for bodyboarders. The slab could very well host an APB World Tour event in 2019.

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Mike Stewart suffers painful wipeout while bodysurfing Teahupoo

Mike Stewart suffered one of the worst wipeouts of his career at Teahupoo, in Tahiti.

The 55-year-old waterman is one of the most experienced wave riders. He won nine world bodyboarding titles, still competes professionally at the highest level.

This time, however, he was not injured riding his Science bodyboard. Stewart was pushing his personal limits by bodysurfing in one of the heaviest waves on the planet.

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The do's and don'ts of bodyboarding lessons

Bodyboarding is a sport with specific rules, even when practiced alongside a dedicated, experienced coach or instructor in individual or group lessons.

Nowadays, we can say that it is a privilege to have a few bodyboarding-only schools all over the world, where you can get in touch with the experience of catching a wave quicker than anyone else, in prone mode.

When learning and improving your wave riding skills, it is essential to be motivated and believe in yourself. But it is also true that you should pay attention to what your instructor has to share with you.

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Kelly Slater shocked surfing fans with an unbelievable mid-barrel recovery at Pipeline. Yes, that's it, the magician is back with his latest surf trick.

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