Carlos Hebert introduces iceberg-dodging to bodyboarding

Carlos Hebert is back with another out-of-the-box bodyboarding experience. What you're about to witness may change the future of the sport forever.

He is not your average bodyboarder, but Carlos made the news in 2012 for hitting the -4 °F (-20°C) waters of Habitat 67, Montreal's legendary river wave, with his handboard.

Hebert revolutionized the way we surf in extreme conditions. Initially, we all laughed at his slightly unorthodox style. But it was only a matter of time until we understood he was really passionate about what he does.

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The most popular bodyboarding games of all time

The sport of bodyboarding has witnessed the launch of six video games since 1999. Do you remember all them? What are your favorite bodyboarding games?

Video game developers have always put more money on surf-inspired titles. And it's easy to understand why. There are way more surfers than bodyboarders, and stand up surfers attract more media attention than any other water sport.

Since the release of the iconic Commodore 64-based "California Games" in 1987, wave riding became an interesting niche for electronic entertainment platforms.

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APB seeks $1m to develop bodyboarding worldwide

The Association of Professional Bodyboarders (APB) is asking fans to help to fund the development of the sport.

The newly-launched APB Members Affiliation invites bodyboarding supporters to pay $10 per year to get access to exclusive content and special merchandising discounts.

"The support from around the world will ensure that we continue to deliver high action content to the passionate fans of the World Tour, and a positive future for bodyboarding," underlines Alex Leon, CEO of APB.

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Thirty Formula GPS kiteboarders battled it out on the mountains of the Alto Sangro, Italy, for the second leg of 2018 IKA Snowkite World Cup.

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Brad Domke calls Cylinders his home. He's been riding it for more than a decade. But you've never seen him in board transfers like these.

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