The ideal ocean conditions for learning to bodyboard

The first steps into bodyboarding must be taken carefully and should be supervised by an experienced expert, coach or instructor.

First of all, if you are getting into bodyboard, you must start off by choosing a sandy beach or a beach break. This type of surf spot is easier to ride and provides easy access to the waves, whether you're paddling out or exiting the water.

Depending on your expertise, the ideal conditions may vary. Nevertheless, you will always need to read the ocean before adventuring yourself into the waves.

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How can a coach improve your bodyboarding skills?

One of the best ways to achieve success in water sports is through coach orientation. And that is extremely valid in bodyboarding.

As we all know, a coach, an instructor, a teacher or a personal trainer is a specialist who can support you in many ways - technically, physically, and mentally.

And, sometimes, it's all about simple advice. For example, he or she can give you the feedback that you need to hear at a given stage of your development.

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Mike Stewart, 55, paddles into big Nazaré

Mike Stewart returned to the world's most famous underwater canyon, two years after riding a few giants alongside Dudu Pedra.

Despite the challenging ocean conditions, the Hawaiian bodyboarder, 55, paddled out on his own at Praia do Norte, in Nazaré, and attacked the mighty waves without jet ski support.

The swell, influenced by tropical storm Leslie, was sending waves in the 20-to-40-foot range. Stewart paddled into his mountains of choice and then got back to the lineup using arm power only.

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