Matteson Kai is producing a documentary on his father Tom Morey

Matteson Kai Morey is one of the four sons of Tom and Marchia Morey. He is seeking help to create a documentary on his father's contribution to the action sports industry.

Tom Morey is one of the most relevant personalities in the history of surfing. But his legacy goes beyond the invention of the boogie board.

Throughout his life, the Detroit-born aeronautical engineer became a superb musician, a surfboard shaper, and an active entrepreneur. Matteson aims to highlight his career with a film featuring interviews with pioneer athletes, businesspeople, and historical footage.

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APB North America plans a regional tour in 2019

APB North America is planning a revolution in American bodyboarding.

Details are still emerging, but the newly-created bodyboarding organization issued a short statement confirming that there will be a North American Regional Tour coming in 2019.

The competition is expected to involve Puerto Rico, the US East and West coasts, and Mexico altogether, but it can also result in a national tournament format, with each country putting up its own circuit.

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The 1985 mini-documentary on the Morey Boogie board

Less than 15 years after the invention of the boogie board, there were already bodyboarders getting deeply barreled at Pipeline.

In 1985, when a mini-documentary on the inventor of the revolutionary watercraft was broadcasted, Tom Morey was already a public figure in his own right.

The "Thomas Edison of the surf world" had created a three-pound board that enables riders to feel the thrill of the roller coasters.

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Professional surfing is a highly competitive occupation. World title races are increasingly tight. And sometimes it all comes down to the wire.

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