Brahim Iddouch wins the 2017 Antofagasta Bodyboard Festival

Brahim Iddouch has taken out the 2017 Antofagasta Bodyboard Festival at La Cupula, in Chile.

The Moroccan bodyboarder defeated South African sensation Iain Campbell in six-to-ten-foot waves. It's Iddouch's second ever win in an APB World Tour event.

Brahim opened his dream run with a spectacular, unfinished ARS, but he kept pushing the limits of his riding and eventually found the waves he needed to celebrate in grand style.

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How to perform an air forward in bodyboarding

The air forward is a very elegant and timeless bodyboarding maneuver, but it takes a lot of practice to get it right.

A fast wave with a good looking vertical ramp will help you get airborne and then rotate before landing on an open face. The hardest part is initiating the spin.

Timing is critical - you need to hit the lip of the wave at the right moment. If you don't, you'll either get caught by the breaking lip or land in the back of the wave.

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Pierre-Louis Costes wins the 2017 Arica Chilean Challenge

Pierre-Louis Costes claimed the 2017 Arica Chilean Challenge, in Chile.

The French backflipper returned to competition in great style boosted by spectacular six-to-ten-foot waves. After attending his son's birth in Portugal, Costes smashed the event and got back in the world title race.

In the quarterfinals, Costes showed total commitment to the sport by attempting to land a 720.

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The history of surfing is a complicated of facts and assumptions. TED released a five-minute cartoon video featuring a simplified description of the sport of kings.

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