Luis MP

Twenty-five years have passed. My first surfboard was a dream come true. In 1990, I was a grom studying in high school. I loved sports, but I had never had a water sports experience.

One day, a friend hands me a copy of "Fluir," a prestigious Brazilian surf magazine. I still remember reading the headlines: "Teco, Piu e Fabinho" (October, 1990). They were Teco Padaratz, Piu Pereira and Fabinho Gouveia. True legends in the making.

My friend Nuno defied me to try it. But, where could we find surfboards in Western Europe? I had never heard anything called "surf shop," internet was a mirage, so it would be hard to find a shop selling surfboards.

Well, apparently there was a windsurf shop at our footsteps. The dream had a price. In 1990, it could be mine for 100 euros (80 dollars). A fortune in those days.

I managed to own it. It was a beautiful sunset-colored Mike Davis, shaped with a retractable three-fin system. Nuno ended up getting his own Mike Davis.

With time, my surfing improved, and I bought my first polyurethane surfboard. What an evolution! The only problem was that I had to sell my first plank.

Twenty-five years after, I am still searching for my dear Mike Davis. I am willing to pay the double or triple price to have it back. Why did I sell it? It is probably the only thing I regret in my entire surfing career.

Since then, I have never sold any of my surfboards, and I truly miss my Mike Davis surfboard.


Luis MP | Executive Manager | SurferToday.com