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Is it difficult to notice the difference? Apparently, yes it is.

Believe it or not, surfboards, kiteboards, windsurf boards, bodyboards, canoes and kayaks are going to be under the same legal status as oil tankers and cruise liners, in case of a being part of an accident.

In other words, can you imagine a bodyboard being classified as a merchant ship? The United Kingdom is studying how to apply the same regulations for surfboards and huge ships, under the new revision of the Merchant Shipping Act.

Which means, if you hurt someone in a beach break near you - can be a swimmer or another surfer - you will be severely fined and, depending on your case, maybe jailed. Oh... And don't forget the old universal rule: don't drink and... surf!

Yes, don't have a beer before you catch some waves. Drugs and alcohol will be analyzed, just like the drink-driving rules.

Amazing. Or maybe not. The UK Department for Transport should review this proposal. Have they ever tried surfing?

Come one, it is a matter of good sense.


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