Luis MP, Executive Editor at is now two years old. :)

The idea was born in a Friday afternoon after-work drink with my best friends. I thought it would be useful to have a news center where wave sports could meet.

As you all know, there is a growing number of people who has already tried these four board-type outdoor activities. Some of them even own all the gear. always tried to publish the very best worldwide information and would not be a PR bin for every product or commercial communication. As you've probably noticed, is updated by... me, in the end of every day.

This is not a full time project, although maybe I would like it to be. That means this is not a profit driven service, so far. I do it because I care about ocean sports. is for you, dear ocean lover. In this second anniversary, I would like to thank surfers from more than 195 countries and 5000 cities that regularly visit for updates, with a promise to make it even better with new and improved content.

Stay cool with!


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