Luis MP, Executive Editor

The tragedy is right around the corner. Unfortunately, fear and death seem to hit mainly the poorest ones. Sumatra, Haiti, Chile and many more countries are challenging harsh times.

Surfers have been showing a lot empathy and strength in order to help locally those who are suffering and in need of a helping hand.

After the earthquake and the tsunami, there are several NGO's working in the field with those who live in a land of paradise waves and winds for all fellow surfers, kitesurfers, windsurfers and bodyboarders.

I am talking about Save The Waves Coalition, Surfrider Foundation, SurfAid International, etc.

Let's donate a small part of our daily quality of life in order to help those who, with a welcoming smile, greet us just before an amazing surfing session in an unexplored sunny spot.


Luis MP | Executive Manager |