Luis MP

Windsurfing is one the most popular "classic" watersports in the world. A few decades ago, windsurfing had an associated social status stigma.

Boards and sails were a bit expensive and not everyone had a car set to transport the then heavy gear. It was fun to windsurf in Spain, France and Italy in the mid-80's.

Today, a lot has changed in the windsurfing scene. The sport is lot more competitive, wide, trick and speed oriented and opened to every social layer of the population.

Windsurfing is also 'lighter' and easier to move from one place to another, a very important issue as in the past you had to be fit to windsurf. :)

A couple weeks ago, I have had my first windsurfing session. And it was a very successful one, maybe because I've been surfing for 18 years and I have a sailing experience.

You should try it. Modern windsurfing is very enjoyable and you can practice it when waves are against you or simply do not exist.


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