Luis MP 

Lately, my surf sessions tend to be very urban. Let me explain you - usually, me and my mates check the swell online, meet up in a seaside café and have our waves.

Then, we rapidly dress up and say goodbye. Sometimes it's just like a professional training session of football/soccer, with scheduled times and exercises. Last saturday, we enjoyed the amazing concept of beach life.

Basically, we had a full day of surfing. Waking up at 8 o'clock, taking off summer waves at 10, having lunch until 3pm, repairing boards till the afternoon low tide and ending up scoring nice lefts and rights in a different beach.

Pure fun. Days have passed and everyone's talking about that saturday. Beach life can really be a stressless way of living.

So it is time to let your worse nightmares behind through the unique experience of surfing, tasting the sand and the sun with the company of your best friends.



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