Luis MP, Executive Editor at

Having just finished my MBA studies, I've opened my mind for interesting bridges between surfing - riding waves, in particular - and executive management.

One of my favourite teachers, William Werther, made us think and rethink the assumptions of our lives and daily professional routines. Well, at a first glance, we would say 'what does surfing have to do with executive management?'.

There are very critical moments when you're out alone in the peak, as when you're running a company. When the waves come, you start making decisions. Is this one or the next one?

Then, your mindset tunes in to 'that' wave. Decision made. In a very few milliseconds, another important decision to be taken: right or left?

The instinct, knowledge and experience drives you to one side. And, as you flow through the walls of water, you keep deciding in milliseconds the best manoeuvres and tricks for each step of your ride.

That's why I think surfers develop interesting decision making skills for companies and four our lives. Ever thought of it this way? :)


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