Luis MP

I've just had a "Deep" disappointment.

Quiksilver has been known for its quality products. They've developed very good wetsuits, board shorts and surf apparel.

I've always wanted to have the best Quiksilver surf watch, so I've paid $250 for it. The Quiksilver Deep X is supposed to be the jewel of the crown of the surf watches.

I was happy when I finally got the brand new watch. I customized it with my local spot and hit the water.

When I was checking its feature, the Deep X screen went black. I quit my surf session earlier and took it off my wrist. Made in China.

Despite all efforts, I never got it right. Game over. My Quiksilver Deep X died during its first surf session.

I contacted Quiksilver through their customer service, but never got an answer. "We value our customers for life". That's what they say in their contact page.

Well, I simply watch it sink. Deep. :(


Luis MP | Executive Manager |