Luis MP

There have emerged very interesting news in the last weeks. We have been told that kiteboarding/kitesurfing is finally trying to unite its troops in a single governing body.

As you've certainly read in, the International Kiteboarding Association (IKA) was born. IKA wants to get the two biggest kiteboarding world tours working together: KPWT and PKRA.

I have written about that several months ago. It does not make sense having two giant moving budgets when you could have a high impact world tour. Kiteboarders seem to have made the correct move.

Also, kiteboarding is now an ISAF approved sport, which means kiteboarding aims for the Olympic dream. Who knows London 2012? There's just one small problem without a clear answer - what will happen to IKO and their teaching accreditation?

Will Kitesurf schools have to start their certification process all over with IKA? In the next months the kiteboarding world is surely going to change.


Luis MP | Executive Manager |