Luis MP

The Olympic Games are supposed to be the ultimate sports experience. The idea of competing in the Olympic Games is always glorious.

Representing one country and competing against the world's best athletes is an exciting challenge. The history of the Olympic Games has seen several contemporary sports debuting as demonstrations.

Strange things have happened in the last decades. Pigeon shooting, club swinging, tug of war, la canne, rope climbing, swimming obstacles and many more sports have made an appearence and then discontinued as Olympic sports.

Surfing has always been one of the most popular sports in the world, but it never got a chance to showcase in the Olympic arena. The Games have passed by Melbourne, Los Angeles, Barcelona, Atlanta, Sydney, but waves have never been ridden.

The Rio 2016 Olympic Games would've been the perfect stage for surfing. Large beach and online audiences, great ocean conditions and spiritful vibes. No way, Jose.

Meanwhile, windsurfers and kiteboarders fought a bloody battle that will leave scars in Olympic sailing. Wakeboarding grows steadily and even skateboarders aim for the Olympic half-pipe.

Everything seems to happen around surfing. Is there something wrong in the Olympic Games' concept or is surfing a totally different sport?


Luis MP | Executive Manager |