Luis MP

The more surfboards you own, the more you need a new one.

Seven surfboards. Aren't they enough? Of course not. You still have space in your mind for, at least, a couple more.

A large Malibu is not a longboard. Every surfer needs a longboard for the flat summer days. And we're not getting younger, so we "really need" a longboard.

With age, you also become interested in details. In our case, details are quite expensive. Then, of course, we must have a custom-shaped under 6' board. Come on, we're not asking too much...

Finally, when our family thinks we've completed our quiver, we realize we're missing an all-round thruster/quad magic surfboard for the average surf.

Can someone stop us from filling the gaps of our homes with polyurethane and fiberglass?


Luis MP | Executive Manager |