Luis MP

They are on their way to share the prize of the year. Kelly Slater and Antoine Albeau are scoring consecutive wins, despite all the words written about their age.

The surfer is enjoying one of his best WCT years - even though Tiago Pires delayed Slater's highway to the 2008 Dream Tour title - and shows that he is perfectly capable of reaching the 10th title. His surfing is more relaxed and he no longer has to prove that he is one the most complete sportsmen in the world.

Like Kelly Slater, the french windsurf tornado, Antoine Albeau is having one great year. A clean sheet in the PWA World Tour and owning the title of fastest windsurfer in the world (49.09 knots) are enough to put Albeau in the history of windsurfing.

Self-determination is the best way to describe winners like Kelly Slater and Antoine Albeau. And that is why 2008 will be their year, indeed.


Luis MP | Executive Manager |