Luis MP 

In the past months, has been very interested in the multiple world speed sailing records. Windsurfing is more and more competitive.

Antoine Albeau (NeilPryde/Starboard), the french eagle, has set a new world record, after breaking Finian Maynard's 48.70 knots (90,1 km/h) achieved in April 2005, in Les Saintes Maries de la Mer, France.

Almost three years after, in late March and in the same location, Albeau reached 49,09 knots (90,91 km/h) in a 500 metre built canal. It is an absolutely amazing achievement, but we all dream of the 50 knots' mark (92,6 km/h). We really have to, as we all know it is possible.

Antoine has a great opportunity to make history, even though there are a handful of windsurfers who can do it. First, the aim will be 92,6 km/h.

Then, we'll think of the 100 km/h mark. Can you imagine?


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