SharkStopper: world's first acoustic shark repellent

SharkStopper claims to be the world's first acoustic shark repellent. The Personal Shark Repellent (PSR) emulates the sound of killer whales in conjunction with a special frequency.

It can be used by surfers, divers, swimmers and beachgoers. SharkStopper emits a relatively low power acoustic signal that keeps the sharks at a safe distance.

The technology promises to protect humans against a wide variety of sharks, including bulls, great whites, tigers, hammerheads, the Caribbean reef shark, lemons, nurses, thresher sharks, black tips, and blue sharks, among others.

The team behind SharkStopper tested the anti-shark leash in several shark-infested waters, including Isla De Guadalupe, Bahamas, Hawaii, Florida, Seattle, and Long Island. The results showed that SharkStopper was repelling sharks consistently between 5-20 yards (4.5 - 18 meters).

The SharkStopper Personal Shark Repellent is a durable, lightweight device powered by a rechargeable battery that can be charged via any USB port or USB wall charger.

The new anti-shark attack technology will protect humans for seven hours. When it starts running out of battery, the SharkStopper will vibrate and warn the user.

Discover the most shark-infested waters in the world, take a look at our shark attack map.

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