Surfboards in the Sand

On Saturday, September 19, Surf City USA celebrates Huntington Beach’s Centennial with a tribute to the city’s surf heritage and coastal environment with the much-anticipated “Surfboards in the Sand.”

Thousands of surfers, and lovers of surf culture, will gather with their surfboards on Huntington City Beach adjacent the famed HB Pier to be a part of the world’s largest surf photo commemorating 50 years of professional surfing at the Huntington Beach Pier.

Produced by the Huntington Beach Marketing and Visitors Bureau, “Surfboards in the Sand” encourages surf enthusiasts to demonstrate their devotion to protecting the ocean environment while celebrating California’s classic beach lifestyle.

A portion of all registration fees and T-shirt sales will go to benefit the Surfrider Foundation and Orange County Coastkeeper. Peter “PT” Townend, pro surfing’s first world champion says, “Be a part of history. Join world champions, surf legends and all your friends. If we don’t save the oceans, we’ll have no place to ride our surfboards.”

Huntington Beach hopes to attract the world’s largest number of surf fans for this historic photo shoot. Anyone with a surfboard (long boards or short boards acceptable – no boogie or skim boards, please); individuals, groups, families, surf clubs; or anyone who has ever experienced or would like to experience Huntington Beach is welcome. So bring, beg or borrow a board to be part of this history-making photo event.

Source: Surfboards in the Sand

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