Porthtowan: polluters, watch out

A Surfers Against Sewage campaign victory, secured in the revised Bathing Water Directive is launched today by the Environment Agency with the publishing of beach profiles for bathing waters. These beach profiles highlight what forms of pollution the beach suffers from and identifies the discharge points.

As well as vital information on sewage discharge points, locations of Combined Sewer Overflows (CSOS) and other sewerage infrastructure, these bathing water profiles also include maps and a description of the beach.

Bathing water profiles will not make the water cleaner, but they will allow all beach users to make more informed decisions about when is best to use the water and the information to know when it might be better to give it a miss due to pollution incidents.

Now you have access to this information you need to use it to then make informed decisions about when's best to use the water. With almost 500 designated bathing waters in England and Wales alone, your favorite surf spot is probably included. Have a look for yourself..

Source: Surfers Against Sewage

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