Plastics: let's ban them from the face of the Earth

The beaches of Bali have been invaded by hundreds of thousands of plastic bags and plastic waste. The local governor promises to ban its production, distribution if one million signatures reach his office.

It's the same old story, every year. This time, tourists and locals say it's even worse. Thousands of tonnes of plastic waste is dumped in Bali's inland creeks and end up on the beach with the helping hand of monsoon rain.

Tourists don't like what they see. Surfers don't like what they see. The plastic plague is threatening Bali's unique environment and the tourism economy languishes.

Pengastulan Beach, Lovina Beach and Kuta Beach are only a few examples of the third world trash scenario. Bali's sand strips are not attractive this way.

Made Mangku Pastika has the power to solve this ancient problem. The Bali governor told a group of petitioners that if they gathered one million signatures, he would ban the production, distribution and use of plastic bags on the Indonesian island.

Bali is home to some of the best surf spots in the world. Surfers can help ban plastic from this surf sanctuary.

Sign the petition "Bye-bye Plastic Bags On Bali".

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