Floating City: a dream that may become a reality

Architecture studio AT Design Office has developed a project for an Atlantis-like floating underwater city.

The Chinese construction firm CCCC plans to build the ocean metropolis in four square miles with the same technologies used to build a 31-mile bridge between Hong Kong, Macau, and Zhuhai.

"Part of that bridge is an underwater tunnel, which is joined by a 150-meter-long precast concrete box," underlines architect Slavomir Siska.

"The mega box is cast on a nearby island and floated to the site before being connected."

"We were appointed to work with the engineer to come up with a masterplan for a 10-square-kilometer floating island that can be built with the same technology."

The "Floating City" is probably the most ambitious underwater architecture project ever imagined and put on paper.

It will feature green spaces, residential, commercial, and cultural facilities, and a complex scheme of underwater tunnels, roads, and walkways.

The underwater city will have noise, waste, and other environmental impacts managed via innovative strategies. Part of the entire structure will be above water level.

Will modern Atlantis ever see the light of day? Are we heading for the water world?

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