Bali frees hundreds of baby turtles

July 1, 2011 | Environment
Bali Clean-up: in relax mode

The "Bali’s Big Eco Weekend" is about to kick off from July 1st-3rd, in Indonesia. The event has been created by Coca Cola Amatil Indonesia and Quiksilver Indonesia.

The goal is to generate support and encourage environmental sustainability at Bali’s first ever community environmental conference, the Bali Clean and Green Stakeholder Networking and Solution Forum.

"Bali is one of our most loved destinations and anyone heading over for the holidays has the chance to immerse themselves in the activities over the Big Eco Weekend – which include cleaning the beaches, watching the surfing events and releasing baby sea turtles into the ocean", says Sally Loane from the organization of the event.

Bali’s Big Eco Weekend will also support the Indonesian and Balinese Government’s Bali Clean and Green Road Map program, which is focusing on the need to ensure Bali’s unique environment is looked after.

Coca Cola Amatil Indonesia started cleaning beaches in Bali in 2008 with the one-day event, the Bali Coastal Clean Up. Since then the clean-up has grown into a daily program on cleaning six beaches, with 76 staff and two tractors collecting tonnes of rubbish, much of which is recycled.

This year the public Bali Beach Clean Up will commence on the iconic beaches of Jimbaran, Kedonganan, Kuta, Legian and Seminyak on Sunday 3 July, and hundreds of participants are expected to join in.

Surfing has played an important part in the development of the tourism industry in Bali and acts as a gateway to other destinations throughout Indonesia.

Surfing activities during Bali’s Big Eco Weekend includes a under 16s King of the Groms and Locals vs Legends surfing competition involving Australian surfing legends Mark Richards, Tom Carrol, Martin Potter, Cheyan Horan and Jake Paterson.

Another highlight over the weekend will be Bali’s biggest baby sea turtle release where hundreds of baby sea turtles will be released into the ocean by locals and tourists. The baby turtles are hatched in safety, away from beach predators in a special giant turtle-shaped hatchery on Kuta Beach.

Other weekend activities include a life saver race, interactive eco-village activities, surfboard painting, music and moonlight movie cinema, awards ceremony and finale beach party.

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