Baltimore Water Wheel collects trash from the city's Inner Harbor

July 17, 2014 | Environment
Baltimore Water Wheel: efficient and green

Baltimore resident John Kellett developed a big water wheel that collects floating trash from the city's Inner Harbor.

The creative idea is a complete success. Plastic cups, cigarette butts, wood log, bags, and all sorts of trash are being easily removed from Baltimore's Inner Harbor waters thanks to a simple metal wheel.

"I started out thinking, 'Maybe we could bale it like a hay baler.' And then I said, 'Well, that's not necessary; maybe we can make it even simpler - we can just use the power of the runoff that brings it to collect it,'" explains John Kellett, the inventor of the mechanism.

Trash would invade the Baltimore Harbor after rainstorms. In two months of operation, the water wheel has collected 40 tons of trash from the harbor.

The $800,000 investment is clearly paid off. Baltimore plans to make the Inner Harbor clean enough for swimming by 2020.

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