Bloom is the traction pad made from algae

August 25, 2015 | Environment
Bloom: a traction pad made from algae | Photo: Bloom

Two companies have announced the launch of the world's first algae-derived traction pad.

Algix and Effect have joined forces to create Bloom, a brand that will explore the possibilities behind eco-friendly foams. One of their products is the surf pad.

"Surfers, standup paddlers, and skimboarders commonly utilize closed cell foams for traction when recreating. Bloom offers the best in environmentally thoughtful foams without sacrificing durability and performance. Once you sink your feet into Bloom foam you won't ever go back!" the company underlines.

The foam is produced using Algix's dried algae biomass (GMO-free) technique. It is solely collected from waste streams across the US and Asia. Algal blooms have become prevalent worldwide due to a rise in global temperatures and a subsequent increase in water temperatures.

Algae biomass requires no pesticides to grow and is found in abundance globally. Bloom will explore multiple potential applications including yoga mats, footwear, toys and sporting goods.

"Flexible foams have been overwhelmingly made out of non-renewable petrochemicals for decades. Over the past year we've worked really hard to create a suitable algae biomass alternative that doesn't compromise performance," concludes Rob Falken, director at Bloom. uses cookies to ensure you get the best experience on our website. Learn more on our About section.