Chad Nelsen's top priorities for Surfrider Foundation

October 10, 2014 | Environment
Chad Nelsen: leading the Surfrider ship | Photo: Surfrider

Chad Nelsen, the new CEO of Surfrider Foundation, has set three priorities for his term.

He's been in the Surfrider Foundation for 16 years. Chad Nelsen, former lifeguard, comes from Laguna Beach, California. When he volunteered for Surfrider in 1995, he used his research in artificial surfing reefs for his Masters thesis.

The transition from Environmental Director to CEO was a natural step. Now, Nelsen wants to work on the challenges raised by sea level rise and ocean acidification. Three priorities have been drawn up.

"To build more support for our chapter and activist network through additional tools and resources, and to do a better job sharing their stories; to shift our strategy from a reactive to a proactive approach," explains Chad Nelsen.

Finally, the new man behind Surfrider underlines that the "biggest challenge we face in the next 30 years" are the impacts of climate change on our oceans and coasts.

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