Ecoshape helps developing clean shape rooms

September 6, 2010 | Environment

Ecoshape: producing clean surfboards | Photo: Line Up Surfboards

The 2010 Ecoshape guide, commissioned by EuroSIMA Cluster, contains helpful information to build or develop a shaping workshop respecting Health, Safety and Environment.

More than two years of research and testing in experimental workshops have been necessary to develop this guide for professional and amateur. In Europe, the number of shapers is estimated at 400 professionals and several thousand non-professionals.

Innovative tools to evaluate working conditions have been used in partnership with professional ergonomists and the Regional Agency for the Improvement of Working Conditions of Aquitaine. A software has also been specially developed and is now used nationally by the services of prevention of professional risk.

These studies have shown that shapers were exposed to unsafe acts up to 83 percent of working time, while a turnover of shaping stages and the installation of low-cost equipment can reduce the time of exposure to 30 percent.

The recovery of energy through heat exchangers can heat continuously workshops in winter while saving energy and therefore money. The shaper can maintain its activity throughout the year whatever the external conditions.

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