Giant sinkhole opens up in Queensland

September 30, 2015 | Environment
Rainbow Beach, Queensland: the sinkhole looks like a natural bay | Photo: Kieren Hudson

A giant sinkhole the size of a football field opened up in Rainbow Beach, Queensland, Australia. The deep blue hole now looks like a natural bay.

Campers at MV Beagle Campground on Inskip Point heard a noise like a storm, and up to 140 people were forced to run away, as the spot started swallowing vehicles and large objects in the surroundings.

The sinkhole is 150 meters wide (493 feet) and three meters deep (10 feet). It engulfed a caravan, a car, a camping trailer, and tents. Some are lucky to have escaped with their lives, as the event only took three minutes unfold.

Fortunately, no one got injured. This is the second sinkhole that opens up in the same spot in four years. It might expand with ocean currents, so people have been told to stay away.

Experts underline that sinkholes are a regular phenomenon in the region. They can be explained by the way sediments are formed, and the way water moves through the Earth over thousands of years.

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