Glaciers of Canada are melting too fast

March 19, 2013 | Environment
Glaciers: melting fast

Twenty percent of all the ice contained in Canada's glaciers could melt by the end of this century.

The study developed by Geophysical Research Letters has reached a dramatic conclusion. If global average temperatures rise three degrees Celsius and by eight degrees in the Canadian Arctic, sea levels may go up by 3,5 centimeters.

If 20% of Canada's glaciers melt, this means 75 percent more water than previously thought. Also, when combined with melting glaciers such as those in Greenland, Russia and South America, the situation gets worse.

Canada has glaciers all over the country's vast Northern area. A total melt of the glaciers will take several centuries, but climate change is warming the Arctic faster than the global average.

"We believe that the mass loss is irreversible in the foreseeable future", the scientists wrote in the journal Geophysical Research Letters.

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