Jack Johnson donates $50,000 for Hurricane Sandy Relief

November 9, 2012 | Environment
Jack Johnson: helping the victims of Hurricane Sandy

Jack Johnson has donated a total of $50,000 to six organizations working to help the victims of Hurricane Sandy, in the East coast of USA.

The Hawaiian pop star and former pro surfer will distribute donations to the Food Bank for New York City, the Community FoodBank of New Jersey, Save the Children, Waves for Water, GlobalGiving and Direct Relief International.

There are tens of thousands displaced from their homes and over 600,000 people still without power, as the relief efforts continue in the Atlantic coast.

The relief organizations are responding quickly to the immediate needs of those affected but are still in need of funds to support their vital relief and ongoing recovery efforts.

Johnson's donation is timely, as a strong winter storm hit the Mid-Atlantic and Northeast this week, bringing heavy rain, high winds, and snow, affecting areas already impacted by Hurricane Sandy and complicating recovery efforts.

To help combat the cold weather, Jack Johnson is also shipping 3000 warm sweatshirts and thermal shirts from his merchandise warehouse to the non-profit organization Waves for Water for distribution to coastal communities on the East Coast.

Johnson is encouraging his fans to support relief and recovery efforts in any way they can. He is asking people to consider donating food, supplies, time or money to organizations working on the ground in local communities.

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