Jean-Michel Cousteau and Body Glove unite to protect oceans

June 6, 2012 | Environment
Jean-Michel Cousteau: the turtle loves his wetsuit

Wetsuit brand Body Glove, Jean-Michel Cousteau and Ocean Futures Society have joined forces to protect and celebrate the World Oceans Day, on the 8th June 2012.

The son of Jacques Costeau is supporting the new line of wetsuits, rash guards, skins and other active lifestyle products by Body Glove.

A percentage of the sale of each Jean-Michel Cousteau wetsuit and other products will go to preserve and protect the oceans through the vital work of Jean-Michel Cousteau's Ocean Futures Society.

"Suddenly I woke up one day and I realized there are millions of surfers all over the planet. Young people who love the ocean and who are more and more concerned about the quality of the ocean and they are becoming some of the best ambassadors to change things", says Jean-Michel Cousteau.

"Many of them are becoming scuba divers. The relation between scuba divers and surfers was never established in a firm way. This is changing now. Very few divers become surfers, a lot of surfers become divers. Today, we have this unique situation where we can reach out people who can make the difference", he adds.

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  • A landlocked country is a nation or sovereign state that doesn't have a coast. It is surrounded by terra firma and not directly connected to any ocean.
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