Malibu gets a seasonal sand berm

November 19, 2013 | Environment
Malibu: it's pumping

The Malibu surfing community and the Los Angeles authorities have worked together to protect the iconic surf Third Point, and First Point breaks, during the winter season, by creating a seasonal sand berm.

For several years, the Malibu Lagoon has breached on its eastern end, regardless of seasonal rainfall or peak flows.

Among other impacts, this has caused erosion around the Adamson House estate resulting in landscape alteration, tree removal, and shoreline armoring.

For surfers, this breach pattern has taken sediment away from Third Point while simultaneously creating sandbars throughout inside First Point.

The Malibu Surfing Association and the Surfrider Foundation have been working with local, county, and State elected officials and agencies to develop a plan to manage the Malibu Lagoon inlet toward a westerly breach while protecting against further damage associated with an eastern breach.

The sand berm is a low-impact response and a temporary solution to an issue that requires a long-term plan.

It will improve surfing conditions at Third Point and First Point, improve beach access and increase beach width, and reduce erosion around the Adamson House estate.