Maui bans smoking in beaches and parks

April 29, 2014 | Environment
Tobacco: no more cig butts in Maui's beaches

The Maui County Council has passed a bill prohibiting tobacco at county parks, beaches and recreational facilities.

Prior to the approval of Bill 24, Maui students collected more than 14,000 cigarette butts in less than two hours.

"I applaud all of those involved in inspiring this bill, especially those students actively engaged in the civic process to bring about change as they recognize it would be better in their community. Your commitment to this cause is moving," says Don Guzman, the said Council Member who introduced the bill.

The Maui smoking ban is also intended to reduce the negative environmental impacts to the marine environment caused by waste from tobacco products.

Under the new bill, citizens caught smoking or using tobacco products in public beaches and county parks are subject to a fine of up to $500.

"Community coalitions, such as the Maui District Student Council Organization, Coalition for a Tobacco-Free Hawaii, Pacific Whale Foundation and the Surfrider Foundation have done an outstanding job galvanizing the community and raising awareness," adds Guzman.

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