Mysterious underwater pyramid found near Azores

February 12, 2014 | Environment
Underwater pyramid: is the Atlantis located near Azores?

A Portuguese sailor claims to have discovered a large underwater pyramid, between the islands of Sao Miguel and Terceira, in the Azores.

Diocleciano Silva couldn't believe what his eyes were telling him. As he was sailing in the Atlantic Ocean looking for fish, he spotted a perfectly-shaped pyramid structure on the sonar.

After rechecking the GPS devices and maps, Silva confirmed that the unknown underwater construction was lying at 40 meters (131 feet).

Square, and aligned with the four cardinal compass directions. The pyramid's base is estimated to have 8,000 square meters.

The strange discovery was reported to the Portuguese Hydrographic Institute. Could it be an old civilization, a volcanic construction, or the effects of ice age glaciation?

No answers have been given. The exact coordinates have not been unveiled.

The underwater pyramid of the Azores is said to be 60 meters (196 feet) tall. There could be more.

"It's impressive because of its forms. It's a perfect pyramid. Moreover, the vertices are precisely oriented North-South, just like the pyramids of Giza, in Egypt," explains Diocleciano Silva.

The legendary Atlantis is the ultimate sailor's dream. Has the Portuguese yachtsman found it? What are the secrets behind the Azorean submerged pyramid? Is it the work of man or only a natural coincidence?