Oahu prepares for the largest beach cleanup

February 23, 2016 | Environment
Sustainable Coastlines Hawaii: keeping Oahu beaches clean

Oahu's largest beach cleanup will take place on April 23rd, at Waimanalo Beach Park.

The event is hosted by Sustainable Coastlines Hawaii, an environmental organization run by local activists, and coincides with the Annual Earth Day Festival.

The volunteers will remove marine debris and waste along windward facing shores. Since the first initiative in 2019, Sustainable Coastlines Hawaii has already hosted 59 beach cleanups involving over 13,000 volunteers.

"Microplastics are abundant along the windward coast and are also notoriously difficult to clean out of the sand. We invite friends and families to clean our coastlines and try out some innovative solutions to this challenging problem," explains Kahi Pacarro, director of Sustainable Coastlines Hawaii.

Additionally, the Ultimate Sand Sifter Competition invites citizens to create innovative solutions for removing microplastic marine debris from the sand. The best, state-of-the-art creations will win $1,000.

"The goal of the sand sifter competition is to foster out-of-the-box thinking for removing the bite-size plastics that harm fish and seabirds. We expect to see some of the most innovative designs," concluded Pacarro.

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