Pick up three pieces of rubbish when you visit a beach

January 27, 2015 | Environment
Plastics: take three pieces of rubbish when you visit a beach | Photo: Antonio Foncubierta/Creative Commons

"Take 3" is an environmental initiative that invites everyone to take three pieces of rubbish with them when they visit the beach or any waterway.

In 2009, Tim Silverwood founded "Take 3". He wanted to raise awareness of the consequences of marine debris - and in particular plastics - on the world's oceans and the species who rely on it for survival.

We know that five trillion plastic pieces are floating in the oceans. While countries start banning plastics from supermarkets and restaurants, we as consumers must refuse, reduce and recycle plastic on a daily basis.

"Take 3" has also invited well-known ambassadors to promote the clean beach cause. Ben Player, three-time world bodyboarding champion, is the new face behind the rubbish pick up movement. He will help spread the message.

"'Take 3' is a cool initiative to encourage lovers of the beach and ocean to do a small service for Mother Nature by collecting a few pieces of garbage from the beach and disposing of it appropriately," underlines Player.

"It feels good to do good things. It's a small task, but if we all do it then we will make a massive difference."

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