Protect our coasts with project Save The Beach

May 27, 2010 | Environment
Save The Beach: help is needed

The Corona Save The Beach project started in 2008 to raise awareness around the need to protect Europe's coastlines.

We have pledged to save one European beach every year. Last year it was Italy's Capocotta beach. This year it could be a British one but it needs your help.

As if that wasn't already enough this year we are going one step further and have set out to build the first and only hotel in the world made partly from trash collected on European beaches.

And why build a Hotel? Because, it's a symbol of our coasts and we believe it's the best way to illustrate the future of our vacations it we don't start protecting our coastlines: Surrounded by trash.

Living with it as part of our own environment. Since designing a Trash Hotel is not an easy task, we called the best in class.

The prestigious German artist HA Schult, famous for his work “Trash Men” and known for his strong environmental commitment and whose works are all made entirely from trash.

With this initiative we hope to alert and educate the world about the alarming deterioration of our beaches.

By hitting the Facebook ‘Like' button and joining in with the voting process for your favorite beach to be cleaned you also get the chance of sharing a night with a Hollywood star in that first ever trash Hotel.

To enter the competition check out the Facebook page for more information.

We can't stand by while our beaches are being destroyed every day from natural causes or by the impact of human activities.

So take the first step with Save the Beach and help us enjoy beautiful tidy beaches.