Recycled floating park opens in Rotterdam

August 14, 2018 | Environment
Recycled Park: a floating space for people and nature | Photo: Recycled Island Foundation

The Port of Rotterdam, in the Netherlands, is now home to a recycled floating park. The prototype has been unveiled and is open to visitors.

The new 140-square-meter space is 100 percent made from recycled plastics and features several hexagonal pods with multiple purposes.

The geometric blocks were installed to create small gardens, chill out zones, and habitat for wildlife.

Additionally, passive litter traps placed on strategic points along the river bank collect the floating waste dumped into the city's canals.

These floating devices are emptied regularly, trash is separated and recycled, and new hexagonal pods are built and added to the water park.

Passive litter traps: they collect trash that is later recycled to build new pods | Photo: Recycled Island Foundation

The first 28 blocks are already floating in the Rotterdam harbor. Hopefully, the Dutch project will grow and expand the number of spaces where people can stop by and enjoy the surroundings.

"The building blocks are designed to grow nature on top, and to attract new life so that plants can have enough surface to evolve and fish can have a place to leave their eggs," notes Recycled Island Foundation.

"The pods can have different heights. Some are installed below water level, depending on the desired goal. Larger trees can be placed in tree containers specially designed for this purpose, but variation in height will also result in a curved landscape."

Rotterdam's Recycled Park is a cooperative initiative of WHIM Architecture and the Recycled Island Foundation in collaboration with the city authorities, and HEBO Maritiemservice.

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