Seabin, the world's smartest marine litter collector

December 22, 2015 | Environment
Seabin: the world's smartest marine litter collector

Meet the Seabin, the world's smartest marine litter collector.

Andrew Turton and Pete Ceglinski are the founders of Seabin, an impressive container that collects all floating rubbish, including plastic, wooden and organic waste, oils, detergents and fuel. What they are about to mass produce can help change the world.

Ocean pollution is a serious issue. There are currently 245,000 tons of floating trash in our marine ecosystems. The Seabin aims to start cleaning up the garbage in a controlled environment - marinas, yacht clubs, and ports.

The innovative rubbish collector is affordable, effective, it works 24 hours a days, and it requires little maintenance. The Seabin can easily be installed and fits anywhere.

"The Seabin is plumbed into a shore-based water pump on the dock. The water gets sucked into the Seabin bringing all floating debris and floating liquids into the Seabin. We catch all the floating debris inside the Seabin and the water then flows out through the bottom of the bin and up into the pump on the dock," Turton and Ceglinski explain.

"The water then flows through the pump where we have the option of installing an oil/water separator and clean water then flows back into the ocean. Inside the Seabin we have a natural fiber 'catch bag' which collects all the floating debris. When this is full or near to full, the marina worker simply changes the catch bag with another one."

The automated rubbish bin will be marketed for $3,825 in late 2016.

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