Sun Shield: a sunscreen dispenser for everyone | Photo: Sun Shield

The war against skin cancer has a new fighter. Meet the Sun Shield, an automatic public sunscreen dispenser.

Sun is part of our lives. It makes us happy, and it helps us grow.

However, our skin is not ready for prolonged exposure to solar UV radiation. Sunlight has positive (vitamin D) and negative effects (mutagen) on our body, but we should protect ourselves accordingly.

Sun Shield is a hands-free, durable wall or pole-mount sunscreen dispenser that can be installed in beaches, schools, companies, public organizations, parks, etc.

Each unit is equipped with a 1,000 ml sunscreen cartridge.

"Our desire is to provide this amazing public service at zero cost to the user, we do this by providing an innovative message/advertising space with a built-in safety mirror that can generate substantial numbers in terms of foot traffic," explains Tyler Haggstrom, founder of Sun Shield.

The sunscreen dispenser is ready for extreme conditions, and its hands-free motion technology avoids bacteria and microbes.

Owners can adjust the amount of sunscreen that is shared, and its ergonomic design will surely attract anyone.

The developers of Sun Shield are funding the project through Kickstarter. Help them turn the public sunscreen dispenser into a reality in our beaches.

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