Surf industry raises $50,000 for the 2009 Waterman's Weekend

June 10, 2009 | Environment

2009 SIMA Waterman's Ball

The SIMA Environmental Fund raised more than $50,000 at the fifth annual Waterman’s Weekend Underwriting Party on Friday, June 5.  More than 100 surf industry executives and friends attended the underwriting party, held at the oceanfront Cyprus Shore Community Park.

The money raised from the evening will help underwrite the costs for the upcoming 2009 Waterman’s Weekend to be held August 6-7, which will benefit 18 ocean-related environmental organizations.
"The SIMA Environmental Fund is excited to be going into our 20th year for Waterman's Ball," said Paul Naudé, SIMA Environmental Fund president.

"This year’s economic climate has presented many challenges, but through a combined industry effort we are determined to maintain our support of 18 proven ocean-related environmental organizations, and look forward to achieving our fundraising goal of more than $400,000 raised at Waterman's Weekend this year. The success of this Underwriting Party was a tremendous step toward meeting this goal. We know the very deserving event beneficiaries much appreciate the support of all the event underwriters."

Throughout the night, guests tasted gourmet appetizers from San Clemente’s own Vine restaurant, and an array of drinks, with island lager donated by Primo Beer. Attendees mingled amongst blue-linen tables decorated with orchids and acoustic musician Rachel McGoye provided relaxing music as the sun set on the ocean.

Many guests took advantage of the raffle tickets available, with a trip to the North Shore of Hawaii, tickets for the 2009-2010 Lakers vs. Magic grudge match, and a Stand Up Paddle Board plus Ritz-Carlton Spa package as the prizes.
"We are proud to see the significance of Waterman's Weekend continue to grow in ocean-related environmental circles," said Naudé.

"The surf industry and the surfing lifestyle’s very survival depends upon a healthy ocean and preservation of surf breaks. Surfers automatically become stewards of the ocean, as every time they paddle out they are engrossed in the environment around them. Surfers realize the work our beneficiaries are doing greatly affects our surf lifestyles, and in turn, we are glad the SIMA Environmental Fund serves as an avenue for surfers to support these groups."

The Waterman’s Weekend begins Thursday, August 6, with the Waterman’s Classic Golf Tournament at the Monarch Beach Golf Links, and culminates on Friday, August 7, with the 20th Annual Waterman’s Ball and Auction.

SIMA is excited to celebrate the 20th anniversary of the Waterman’s Ball by returning the event to the Ritz-Carlton Laguna Niguel, Calif. This year’s honorees include Waterman of the Year Rob Machado, Environmentalist of the Year Dave Rastovich, and Lifetime Achievement Award for the late Dick Baker.

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