Surfers granted access to Martin's Beach

February 13, 2013 | Environment
Martin's Beach: surfer-friendly

A judge granted the County of San Mateo District Attorney's motion to dismiss the trespassing charges filed against five surfers accessing Martin's Beach, in California.

In October 2012, the surfers entered Martin's Beach Road - the access road to the beach - on foot when the property manager informed them they were trespassing.

Upon exiting the water, Jonathan Bremer, David Pringle, Austin Murison, Tyler Schmid and Kyle Foley were issued a citation from a San Mateo County Sheriff.

The surfers have maintained all along that they had a constitutional right to access the beach and had done nothing wrong.

This marks a major victory in beach access and the County's action to dismiss the case demonstrates that these surfers were acting under their rights to lawfully access the beach.

"We definitely won a battle. Until it's decided in civil court, people can go to the beach. If they get harassed by the sheriff, they've got a really good argument", says Jonathan Bremer.