Ocean Ramsey: making friends with a great white shark

Ocean Ramsey has been swimming with great white sharks to raise awareness for their protection.

Ramsey has grown up surfing and diving in Hawaii and San Diego. She has been sharing the water with sharks her entire life.

As a professional scuba instructor and advanced free diver, Ocean believes many shark species are on the brink of extinction.

"I hope that by sharing my experiences with sharks, I might inspire others to take action and help protect these amazing creatures before it's too late," explains Ocean Ramsey.

"It's difficult to express the incredible joy and breathtaking emotion experienced locking eyes with a great white. Watching the sharks acknowledge and observe me while I peacefully allow them to swim towards me and the experience as they accept my touch."

Recently, Ocean Ramsey has been going to great depths for great white sharks. New studies estimate that 100 million sharks are killed every year at the hands of humans.

The Australian authorities have decided to cull large sharks off the coast in order to protect citizens and tourists.

Meanwhile, the blonde diver keeps her shark conservation odyssey. The video featuring Ramsey swimming with a great white has inspired young generations to live in peace with the predator.

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