Guillaume Néry: the underwater surfer

Guillaume Néry, a freediving world champion, is one of the first humans ever to ride deep underwater currents.

Are there underwater waves? Yes, and a man who dives 125 meters below the water's surface knows them pretty well. Nery combines his breath-hold diving techniques with the skills of a classic wave rider.

When he was only 14, the French waterman from Nice became obsessed with holding his breath for as long as possible. The challenge transformed into passion and, ultimately, into a professional occupation.

In 2002, Guillaume Néry dove to a depth of 87 meters, using the force of his fins alone, to become the youngest-ever free dive record holder.

He went on to beat the record three times, conquered national and world titles, and opened his diving school.

Néry, alongside his partner Julie Gautier, started producing spectacular underwater films in which the deep blue ocean is the center stage of his creative and death-defying stunts.

Now, after "Free Fall" and "Narcose," Guillaume returns as an underwater surfer.

"Ocean Gravity" is what it is: performance, art, and exploration. Welcome to an entirely new form of interacting with our liquid treasures. Guillaume Néry is now riding waves of flow.

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