"The Next Wave" is ocean planning

June 10, 2015 | Environment
Oceans: everyone wants a piece of it | Photo: Maassen/Quiksilver

What can we do to make a positive impact on the oceans? "The Next Wave" opens our mind to the importance of ocean planning. Because we need to get involved.

Filmmaker Chris Hannant spent ten days traveling the Atlantic coast, capturing gorgeous scenery from Virginia to Maine and interviewing coastal stakeholders, government leaders and Surfrider members about what we can each do to make a positive impact on this very precious resource.

The result is "The Next Wave," nine minutes of reflection on the meaning of the oceans for water sports enthusiasts, beachgoers, fishermen, tourism, shipping, energy industries, and marine life itself.

Hannant repeated the question incessantly: "Why should beachgoers and other recreational users get involved with ocean planning?" The short film showcases beautiful scenery from places like Assateague Island and Acadia National Park.

In the end, we know we have a golden opportunity to protect special places along the Atlantic coast. And the Surfrider Foundation is working to protect special places off the Northeast and Mid-Atlantic coasts through regional ocean planning.

Get involved. Think, suggest and act locally.

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