Ocean sounds: natural white noises that will help you relax, fall asleep, and reduce stress | Photo: Shutterstock

Want to fall asleep fast? Need to relax after a stressful day at work? Searching for ambient music for meditation? Are you soothing a baby to sleep? These relaxing ocean sounds will help you.

Ocean sounds are music to our ears. They provide the perfect natural white noise for calming and even healing our minds.

Actually, it has been scientifically proven that ambient water sounds have a drowsing effect on humans.

When we listen to slow, whooshing noises, our brains consider them to be non-threats and tend to calm us down.

The sounds of the sea are Nature's music.

But they're also an effective therapy for people suffering from post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) or struggling with insomnia.

Whether you're listening to the crashing of the waves, calm ocean waters, deep underwater sounds, tropical shoreline sounds, rainfall and thunderstorms, sounds of whales and dolphins, and squawking seagulls, they will have a positive impact on your mind.

These ocean sounds will put you back to sleep and will also work as background noise.

Are you a light sleeper? No worries. Listen to our fine selection of relaxing ocean sounds, and you'll be back to sleep quickly.

Some of the following videos feature 10 hours of soothing ocean sounds that will serve any purpose.

They're ideal for sleeping, relaxing, studying, working, reading a book, meditating, and even as soothing lullabies to a baby. 

The Relaxing Sounds of the Deep Sea

Underwater sounds are incredibly relaxing. You're not only hearing low-frequency noises but also actually feeling them in the form of vibrations. A great option for relieving stress, working, and reducing your anxiety levels.


The Gentle Sounds of the Sea

Close your eyes and get ready to float across the ocean toward the sunset. It's a warm afternoon, and the relaxing sounds of the small breaking waves will invite you to fall asleep in no time.


The Soothing Sound of the Tropical Shoreline

Imagine yourself lying on a white sand beach somewhere on a distant tropical island of the Pacific Ocean. As you rest your eyes on the horizon, you hear the birds singing and the gentle crashing of the waves.


The Calming Underwater Sounds of Whales and Dolphins

Listen to the beautiful language of the underwater world. Hear whales and dolphins interacting with each other. Drift away into your own mind, and enter into a meditative state.


The Squawking Sounds of Seagulls

Listen to the seagulls squawking as they observe a choppy ocean. It's the perfect natural relaxing white noise for putting babies to sleep.


The Sound of the Crashing Waves

Believe it or not, the sound of the breaking waves has a powerful healing effect on our minds and may induce deep states of relaxation.


The Stunning Sounds of Open Ocean Rainfall and Distant Thunderstorms

Listen to the falling rain, the howling winds, and the thunder rumbles, and relax your body and mind. It's time for a good night's sleep.

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