Toll road between Ensenada and Tijuana collapses

January 10, 2014 | Environment
Ensenada toll road: no access to surf breaks

The Ensenada toll road has collapsed about 58 miles south of the US-Mexico border, in Baja California.

On the 28th December, 2014, part of the scenic toll road that runs from Tijuana down the Baja California peninsula has been severely damaged. A 4.6 magnitude earthquake contributed to the collapse.

Traffic has been rerouted onto the old two-lane highway between Tijuana and Ensenada. The event will seriously affect tourism in Ensenada.

Despite being too unstable to be reconstructed in the same place, local authorities believe it will take six months to make the necessary repairs.

Geology experts say that the Ensenada roll road is not capable of sustain the level of traffic and heavy loads that travelled it before the collapse.

The freeway that connects Tijuana and Ensenada is frequently used by Californian surfers to hit the Mexican surf breaks, located near the US border.

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