Trash problems threaten Bali's waves

September 28, 2013 | Environment
Bali: this garbage will end up in the line-up

"Surfing For Change: Indonesia Trash Tubes" unveils the serious problem behind the sandy beaches and perfect blue barrels of Bali.

Indonesia is a surfing paradise. At the same time, the Asian country is suffering from a serious pollution problem.

Kyle Thiermann, the "Surfing for a Change" mentor, decided to create a 13-minute short film about it.

We, as a surfing community, need to act. Uluwatu, the world-renowned surf spot, gets more than 500 visitors per day and faces many garbage disposal challenges.

Curtis Lowe, Project Manager of Project Clean Uluwatu, plans to install an environmentally friendly liquid waste processing system.

Pak Ketut Putra, director of Conservation International Indonesia, outlines the strategy for his success in ending widespread turtle slaughter in Indonesia and how that applies to the current initiative to clean up Bali.

"Bali is a little island with a big problem. It's drowning in the trash, but there are tangible actions we can take to make sure Indonesia is a surfer's paradise for generations to come", underlines Kyle Thiermann.

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