Trump's Irish golf resort gets approval to build two seawalls

January 10, 2018 | Environment
Doughmore Beach, Ireland: Donald Trump will build seawalls to protect his golf resort

The Irish authorities have authorized the Trump International Golf Links and Hotel Ireland to build two giant two seawalls at Doughmore Beach.

The Clare County Council approved the project that will install two massive concrete walls of 688 yards (630 meters) and 284 yards (260 meters) in length on a public beach.

Doughmore Beach is one of the most popular beach destinations in Ireland, and it is also one of the best and most consistent beach breaks in the country.

"Local politics, fueled by Trump's imposing rhetoric, prevailed over a science-based, global opposition. We anticipated this outcome and have already begun plotting our next steps with local partners," notes Nick Mucha director at Save The Waves.

The non-governmental environmentalists, who have been fighting Trump's concrete wall since 2016, will appeal the decision of the court to the Planning Appeals Board.

Initially, Trump's private golf resort wanted to build a much larger seawall of 3,280 yards (three kilometers), but a public campaign which collected over 100,000 petition signatures forced the businessman to scale down the proposal.

However, and according to a panel of renowned coastal experts, the newly proposed seawalls will destroy the beach in front of them, damage protected wildlife habitats, increase the rate of erosion on adjacent beaches.

The final decision will be made within four months, and can only be challenged through judicial review in the High Court. One thing is certain: after all, Donald Trump believes climate change is a reality. At least, when it affects his properties and businesses.