Wellington Airport Control Tower: it will display different colors depending on wind speed and direction | Photo: Airways New Zealand

The Wellington Airport will build a new air traffic control tower that appears to lean into Wellington's prevailing northerly wind.

The 32-meter-high tower will lean at an angle of 12.5 degrees, considerably more than the famous Tower of Pisa in Italy, which only leans four degrees.

But the new air traffic control tower will feature innovative technology.

The nine-story building will be equipped with LED lighting, and at night, it will display different colors depending on wind speed and direction. Wellington is considered to be the windiest city in the world.

The Rongotai Tower will also give the airport's 20 air traffic controllers 360-degree views from the lookout area on the top floor.

"This tower combines a super-strong and safe structure with excellent functionality and stunning urban design. We wanted something which is a little bit quirky, which reflects Wellington's progressive image," highlights Pauline Lamb, COO at Airways New Zealand.

The new wind-sensitive structure was designed by architect Evzen Novak of Studio Pacific Architecture. It is an 18-million-dollar investment.

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